Christine’s Seattle Food Tour!

Xian street foods, Ethiopian cafe’s, Indian Pizza parlors… Seattle’s got it all and these are my favorites!

Pictured: Xian Noodles, Paseo Sandwiches, Seattle, Bizzarro Italian, Altura
  • 🌶️ = Food might be spicy, and cause (harmless) pain to your taste buds. Ask about spice level!
  • 🥬 = vegetarian friendly!
Their spicy biang biang hand-cut noodles with your choice of meat are my favorite.
  • Get their spicy lamb or beef biang-biang noodles, cold noodles (🥬 )are good too in the summer: these come with strong and garlicky sauce with thin wide noodles!
Veggie combo. Meat combo has stewed meat instead of veggies — yum.
  • Get their lamb tibs, meat combo, veggie combo (🥬). The stewed meat and veggies/salad are served on an injera (pancake sort of) and you eat by using injera to pick up the stewed food. AMAZING. A Seattle must-try.
  • Ask for their fresh spicy green chili sauce — on side, for dipping.
They have savory and sweet sandwiches to-go, so good! (Photo credit: Choosy Traveler)
  • My favorites are miso katsu (savory) and Exotic Japan (sweet)
Center: Sliced Fish in Hot & Spicy Gravy, lower right: Szechuan crispy chicken — yum!
  • Sliced fish in hot & spicy gravy, chow-mein (hand shaven noodles) with beef, Szechuan Crispy Chicken are what I normally get.
  • If adventurous: fried pork intestines with peppers — DRY version
  • Eat everything with rice — it will be SPICY unless they judge you to be spicy-intolerant…haha
They have several combo plates that have a great balance of meat and veggies! Love these bento-style plates!
Their signature fried chicken is what I crave on weekends! So crispy, hot and juicy! Get them spicy if you can!
  • Their website is easy to order from online, and when safe to do so, their restaurant space is very beautiful too! The plants and Chinese paintings really create a great ambiance!
Their miso, red, and red & black ramen are pretty good! Add pork katsu if you want to indulge!
Can I wear naan as a mask? Because their fluffy garlic naan smells and tastes like heaven!
Pho Bac: my go-to pho place! (Photo credits: Seattle Met)
  • I always get Pho Dac Biet (“the everything pho”) with Chinese donut. You put basil leaves and fresh bean sprouts in the soup to let it cook, then dip Chinese Donut in it. Put some oyster sauce and sriracha 🌶️ on a small plate, dip meat in the sauce (more traditional way). Some people put sauce in the pho — less traditional.
  • EDIT: There is another Pho Bac in Rainier/South Seattle that my Vietnamese colleague will drive through snowy conditions for. According to her, the Rainier one is the most authentic pho you can find in Seattle.
  • Also decent for dinner: I like to get saag/palak paneer (Indian goat cheese, tofu-like texture), butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, goat curry, muttar paneer (peas and Indian cheese in curry with rice).
Dosa House and Chaat House both feature 100% vegetarian menus! (Photo credits: Dosa House Bellevue)
  • At Chaat house, I get a chaat (cold yogurt dish) with some other stuff (I really can’t remember the names sorry).
  • At Dosa house, I get a dosa with some other stuff.
  • This food should be super authentic because every time I go, I suspect that I’m the only person who’s not Indian/Indian American…I’m still figuring out what to order!
#11 Banh hoi thap cam! Sorry vegetarians. I think they do have vegetarian stuff though!
  • Ask for rice paper, spin it in hot water (they’ll provide) until the whole thing has touched water. Stretch it out on a plate: now wrap meat, rice noodles and herbs in it and roll, dip in fish sauce, eat!
  • Watch this video from 1:30 to see how to wrap:
Chinese meatballs (center) is classic and fried oyster mushrooms with salted egg is more modern (upper right) — all delicious! (Photo Credits: Uber Eats)
  • Recommend fried chicken with special sauce, fried oyster mushroom with salted egg, mapo tofu, spicy garlic eggplant, lamb with green veggies (forgot what it’s called)
  • More adventurous: salted egg with bittermelon.
  • I always get the Beef hotpot, mild spice level with rice. Sometimes I get it two days in a row!
  • If you are VERY adventurous — get the House Special or Taiwanese spicy: you might be blown away by the unique flavor…or traumatized 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Lunch comes with free black or green tea
  • I usually get LA galbi “L. A. kai-bee” (beef) or the Pork Tofu Soup (with rice, SPICY), seafood pancake (appetizer) to share.
  • Comes with hot tea and many small dishes “banchan” — free refills. Service here can be *variable* when it comes to friendliness, but the food is always solid!
Upper left: a sweet sesame ball — classic. Lower left: siu-mai, steamed tofu rolls. Lower right: savory chicken and sticky rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, fluffy cha-siu bun — also classics. (Photo credits:
  • Savory dishes: the siu-mai (pork), cha-shao-shu (sweet pork pastry), har-gow (shrimp dumpling), zha-liang (rice/Chinese donut roll), steamed tofu rolls, radish cake, football-shaped fried taro (hot inside beware).
  • Sweets: egg tart, sesame balls, tofu flower(dou-fu-fa) with syrup, bo-luo-bao (pineapple bun).
Their barbecue pork — a classic cantonese favorite. (Photo Credits:
  • Need to go in a group if possible because their combos are best. Get the combo meal…comes with salads with unlimited refill. “Marinated” combo has more flavorful meat, but I suspect “fresh” combo has fresher meat, how much flavor is up to you (they’ll give you salt and sesame oil). Up to you.
  • I usually order 4–5 tacos Al Pastor, Cabeza, Tripa, Pollo, Lengua are my favorite
  • Same as above for recommendations
Din Tai Fung’s XiaoLongBao (“sheeow-long-bao”) are world famous! (Photo Credits:
  • Fancier, good for a nice date, a little pricier but not too bad ($$).
  • Get the Pork Xiaolongbao, Shaomai, pork potstickers, Spicy wontons, beef noodles, fried rice, rice cake, a lot of good things here. Add some sautéed green veggies for a healthier meal!
  • Dessert: taro xiaolongbao, sesame bun, or red bean Xiaolongbao.
  • Din Tai Fung is the most famous and best place for this genre of Chinese/Taiwanese food in my opinion but Dough Zone is a solid cheaper alternative. Dan Dan Noodles, xiao “sheeow” long bao, Q bao, shrimp and pork potstickers are decent, sweet and sour cucumber salad nice in the summer!
  • Satay and sesame sauces for dipping
  • Has “all you can eat” option for $25 — only do if you’re ravenously hungry.
  • It has birria (lamb stew) and pretty good tacos. Has many Mexico City -style items that I haven’t tried yet (pulque, michelada, etc)
The best Italian food in Seattle that I know of! (Photo credits: Bizzarro Italian Cafe)
  • Second only to $5 Dick’s Drive-in burgers at 1am (arguably the true Seattle burger experience ).
Their naan is also one of the better ones! (Photo Credits: Chef Seattle)
Kosher foods! YAY!


I would really like to expand this part of my list…this is what I have so far! Hoping to discover beer, wine, cocktails eventually.

  • Favorites are Sweet Cream paired with ANYTHING and their waffle cones are AMAZING: freshly made, warm, smell like…fragrant honey?
  • Strawberry with balsamic vinegar topping if you’re adventurous. That was one of their iconic flavors.
  • They do a 12 flavor flight too I believe! I have yet to try it!
  • All their locations are in cute areas that are nice for walking around. Bellevue is next to Bellevue park, Redmond is next to Redmond park etc.
  • My favorite is Black tea with Rock Salt Crema. Have tried so many other places that serve the same thing, can’t compare. I recommend getting 30% sugar or less unless you have a serious sweet tooth. Matcha mango tea is good too. Their bubble waffles are a delicious snack too!
  • I like getting hot red bean soup with taro balls and yam balls or cold grass jelly+yam ball+taro ball combo. Cream added on top.
Nibble on some fresh yogurt at Pike Place, or bring a larger container home! (Photo credits: the Shelby Report)
Their matcha parfaits are $9 each but SO GOOD — share it…or treat yourself! (Photo credits: Eating with Kirby)
  • Closed during COVID, can buy from Seattle Fish Guys: a fish market that helps distribute Hood Famous goods. They have good poke too!
These light, airy mochi donuts are easily breakable into 8 fluffy bites! (Photo credits:
Whoa what is going on here? I’ve only tried one drink and I love it. I haven’t even tried the fancy looking stuff!

Late night food

Not many options in Seattle, here are the ones I go to!

  • Open until 2am (?)
  • Open until 12am (?)

$$$$ Fancy fancy special date night food

  1. Canlis
Canlis — where there’s a view to match the food. (Photo credits: Virtual Restaurant Concierge)

Thanks for reading and please share food recommendations! Let’s keep our beloved restaurants open!

*Photos are from Google and Yelp

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