Xian street foods, Ethiopian cafe’s, Indian Pizza parlors… Seattle’s got it all and these are my favorites!

Pictured: Xian Noodles, Paseo Sandwiches, Seattle, Bizzarro Italian, Altura

FYI: These foods could be VERY adventurous depending on what you’re used to. Be ready to get out of your comfort zone and be surprised! These are loosely ordered in how frequently I visit, and I will continue to add and edit to this list! The COVID-19 pandemic may impact some of the info here.

  • ⭐ = A special Seattle gem that I would bring a visiting friend to
  • 🌶️ = Food might be spicy, and cause (harmless) pain to your taste buds…

I was a BBC kid too. It’s hard to know what is appropriate vs inappropriate coaching behavior when you’re a kid. If something doesn’t feel right, tell a trusted adult immediately! You’re not alone.

12/06/2018 — Update: Jinadasa‘s employment at BBC has been terminated and SafeSport continues to investigate.

2/16/2019 — Please read this article by the Seattle Times.

2/26/2019 — SafeSport investigation has concluded.

5/13/2019 — SafeSport sent a link to “strictly confidential” final decision documents, which “are not to be downloaded, copied, printed, or otherwise disseminated in any way; doing so would constitute a violation of SafeSport policy.”

This has been on my mind for a long time.

Badminton friends, please read — Many of you know Nicholas (Nick) Jinadasa as a coach and manager at the Bellevue Badminton Club (BBC). I…

Christine Chen

Badminton player, artist, traveler, foodie, bird watcher, cat lady, medical student.

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